Promote your talent

Talent is our most important asset. It’s completely up to us to use it properly or waste it like most of us do. Exploring Talent is the first step to set specific goal and Training Talent is the strategy you adopt to make it a SKILL and getting best at it. You know,It’s useless to say

“If I start exploring and committed to my talent/goal, I’ll be cut off by other people, I would not be able to earn money even I could be the point of criticism for everyone”

These are just your own discouraging words to get step back from your destination. Overcome this fear to be better than yesterday.

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”– Elbert Hubbard

Once you’re blessed with the words to inspire you, immediately choose a way to work hard with passion because you’ll be future ideal for others. Now, what if you have practiced a lot and have some of your talent samples in your hand. It’s time to Boost your talent.

Exactly, show the world what you have in yourself with your Incredible Talent Show the world what you’ve achieved with your passion, optimism and hard work. Teach yourself, inspire others.

How can I promote my work?

Well, we all are familiar with the power of social media. Even in these modern days, it’s foolishness to be unknown talented( one whom people are not familiar with). Our online circle is even larger than our real circle. We use social media for fun but it’s not just for fun or keep in touch with your friends. It is now expo world so use it to show your spark. The social platform is best way to interact with other people to get feedback.So if you’re sitting thinking “how and when” then wake up now to start sharing your work.

Without opening a gift how can i know what’s inside :p So Same thing here, we have gifted qualities that need to be explore by us but many of us just waste their lives by just living an ordinary life because they don’t explore themselves, they don’t know what talents they have and may be when they come to know, time finish.

Here you’ll get to know all familiar social platforms to promote your talent. It has strong power what we haven’t bother yet.

Yes! we all are born leaders but the only thing is to discover what talent we are blessed with.. This is really really important because if we don’t go for it,may be we’re wasting our talent and precious time which will never come back again.

Blog With us

Genius Talent Hub is amazing way to trade your talent. Start writing a blog describing your talent with some demos. Trace small growing winnings everyday. Here you find every tool that helps to make your Talent famous worldwide with excellent opportunities of earning too. Catch up other talented, inspiring personalities to get guidance also. Cool, you’ve got recognition and built your community to help you grabbing your strengths and weakness.

You should know what people are liking about you. Grab your strengths from likes to work more hard(learning never ends) and try to catch your weakness without fear to lose by knowing reasons why some people dislike your work.


As we all know, we open facebook more than our notebook . It’s for personal use only but has many more amazing features. Create a page on facebook containing portfolio of your work . For example, if you have your talent videos, Post them in that page with some description, even if you have writings, paintings etc everything just post there to make your portfolio. Second, Suggest it to all your friends even random people to like and follow your page. Upload variety of demos, describe your qualities and get involved in community. People will help you knowing your strengths and weakness by providing feedback.

Tip: Make your page up to date and keep in touch with your community to show your activeness and seriousness towards your goal.


Oh great one ! Just make a video of your amazing talent and upload it on youtube. After some time, you’ll get likes or even dislikes(don’t be hurt as it’s not important for everyone to like what you do) to make yourself more concerned towards your goal. Comments will provide feedback in positive or negative sense( hard work more but don’t underestimate yourself)

Note: Video can be even of your writings, poetry, experiments etc


Share your thoughts about your talent and share links to other social media(facebook, twitter, youtube etc) to make your circle more strong and larger .It will also help others to recognize your talent and making even fans,Wow


Above mentioned ways help you to share your amazing qualities on even TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST etc all those you’re familiar with.

Talent promotion sites

Use these ways also for promotion as its important to get feedback from others in order to make yourself more dedicated. Search talent promotion sites and contact them to share yours as well.

Participate in talent shows(Optional)

Opportunity comes rarely,so grab it . Keep your eyes open to make sure not to miss any competition, event/seminar or exhibition to exhibit your talent. Participate, you’ll learn a a lot even if you don’t win. Search upcoming events on Google, you’ll find all of your concern. Register/Subscribe to get email updates.

Print Media

If you’re easy with print media then go for it as well. If you know someone help you to request companies to promote your work like in their magazines. It’s good mostly for writers, artists, calligraphers etc

Find your weakness, turn them into strengths and repeat the process– Unknown “Everything you want is the other side of fear”- Jack Canfield